đã có bác nào dùng Radar detector này chưa

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    toitimtoi Xe tải
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    iRadar Community
    With millions of iRadar™ users already on the road, you’ll always know what threats lie ahead of you.
    When you, or any other iRadar user, detect a radar or laser signal, the alert information is anonymously sent to Cobra’s cloud servers. Within seconds, the information is processed and displayed on your map as part of a Threat Area.
    Community Radar/Laser alert sharing means that you have an entire network of users working to keep you and your wallet safe.
    For years drivers have used radar detectors to detect when there is traffic enforcement officer ahead. Now, with Cobra iRadar®, drivers can rely on a community of detectors to be alerted accurately and reliably of safety and enforcement threats on roads all around them.
    Cobra iRadar® combines industry leading radar/laser detection technology with the power of your smartphone. In addition to being the detector’s display and warning of upcoming red light and speed cameras, the connection with a smart phone gives iRadar users access to the iRadar Community.
    The Community allows users to report and warn other users of live police, caution areas, and photo enforcement areas. In addition, when an iRadar detects a radar or laser alert it automatically shares this data with the rest of the iRadar Community. iRadar users can now rely on a real-time network of detectors to give them superior situational awareness while driving. Cobra iRadar® is the most innovative, technologically advanced, and user-friendly detector device ever created.
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    edc Xe container
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